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Friday, September 28, 2001

Yesterday I was talking to a close friend whom is going through some serious depression. The sad thing was I didn’t know how to help him everything I said just made him worse. Anyway I got to work today with what I hoped was a plan on helping him. I looked at my desk and found three aluminium rings from a hard drive I was working on. That lead me to a simple plan of a three step method of getting him out of his mood.The thing is how to implement such an idea. In the end all I can offer him is my support whenever and however he needs it.

The One Two Three System

1== Now – What is happening now (list what you thing are the problems at hand.)
2== Method – The process of improving the situation. Time span given to processes. Eg Starting a hobby in the next week.
3== Goal – New prospective. Goals achieved from the method stage. If out come not achieved send through steps one again.

This system is reminiscent of any process found in computing or manufacturing. Input process and output. What can I say so many things are in threes.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

A small thought I had about an ordinary man who do you think it is?

The Man


- He was an ordinary man
- He evolved the myth to the next level in that country and time
- He told stories that ordinary people could understand
- He was seen as more than he really was

He was a man who was ready for the next incarnation of the myth for the evolutionary stage of the people at that time.
He told the myth that has been in the world since the beginning. The underlying archetypal images and emotions of all man.
He saw the archetype and knew the current interpretation needed re-structure. He used the understanding of man at the time to reinterpret the universal myth.

Does this make him any less important? I believe not. On the contrary it makes the man more important than we can imagine. It makes us re-evaluate the original stories and see them in a light that is in a liking to what the thoughts where at the time of telling.
Why does it make him more important than the imaginary, extraordinary person he is perceived as today? As a normal man we can understand the stories in a much more logical, useful and less fanciful way. We can begin to again evolve the myth to suit today’s word. We can like he did use today’s technology and understanding of the universe to bring it up to a new level. To make the myth useful for a human in today’s world.
How are we going to do this? I believe man has been trying to bring the myth up to date for centuries but due to human constructed barriers has been stopped or viewed as a fiction.

The importance of updating. Misinterpretation is the main reason for updates. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the old view. It is just the world in which this view was constructed has completely disappeared. Using old methods to understand new situations adds a limiting factor to what you are trying to understand, even before you begin. An example of misinterpretation is seeing how many religions have come out of just one book for example the bible. You can test this by reading any book written even in the last century and looking at the language and how it was written, misinterpretation is inevitable. Most people don’t have the education, wisdom and time to understand the old interpretations. Modern people don’t even need this understanding, as they never have in the past. Normally the understanding of the myth changes with the people not the other way.

I am not trying to change the underlying myth but to make it a useable tool for self-discovery. How this can be done is by using today’s world and understanding to make it a new fresh view, which still carries the same message.

Monday, September 24, 2001

Hi all welcome to my blogg.
What's it all about what am I going to display on this site.
Well I'm going to put on this site all my thoughts and interests.
The difference I hear you say well all I can say it's going to be LAME!!