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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Steven Johnson the writer of Emergence, one of my favourite books, words and subject now has a blog woohoo.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Ready or Not

Again it seems man has reached an intellectual wall. A new order is waiting. This one will destabilize a generation or many. I feel the future pain of it. My lack of comprehension of it all. My words will not suffice; my thoughts will not crack it. I ready myself for it. Not knowing exactly how or where it will come from. Learn all judge none.
I get it now. I see it. Gone; it’s gone. You fool. You’re so ignorant. Go back to your fantasy world. Deterministic forces come back.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Blog night

I went to my first blog night. It was great. The people were smart and interesting to talk to. I did more listening than talking but I had fun. Will I got to the next one though? I doubt it.


Being lied to or as they call it not telling you for your own good is a painful situation. I feel betrayed and cheated. Now all I got to find out is who it is.


Sounds and feels like a little illumination period has hit us again. With books, magazines, tv shows and plenty of Uni talks on the merging of science and religion. It scares me sometimes that so much intellectual power is being wasted on rationalising ignorance but the other side of me is excited with what some of these guys will come up with. People are interested in philosophy, theology and a host of other phy's and ology's again. The negative is that many people will also be interested in a lot of crappy nonsensical pseudo sciences. All I can say is bring it on.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002


Cross-training is one of the best ways to stay in shape for as many situations as possible LINK

Friday, November 15, 2002

New project (not really)

Studying physiology (basics) at college and having a persistent interest in philosophy, mind and myth creates a strange concept of body form and fitness. The last year or so I've been struggling through some complex texts with the ambition of joining the two interests together in an respectable and coherent manner. Though the joining of the natural sciences with the other sciences has been going for ages, connecting it with health and fitness has not been done for sometime. We have Yoga and the internal martial arts and some others. These are great areas to look at in themselves but are lacking due to antiquated notions of the body and it’s workings. I want to (in my own tiny way) update and create a philosophy of body. We are becoming a world of overweight, slow moving sedentary creatures. It’s sad when you look at the world around you and it’s possibilities and you’re stuck for options due to your physical limitations. Crash diets, diet pills, low-fat junk foods and worst of all surgery on the digestive system. These are causing massive problems for human’s psychologically/ physically and on governments financially.

I want to try create a system that is as unobtrusive as possible. That moulds to your personal subjective views of the body and health. We have to try look at ourselves first off. Try seeing what’s the best our own bodies can be, rather than trying to be someone else.
For the next few entries (I hope) I will be putting down the progress or not that I have been making in this area.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002


If we perceive first, whole systems and not components of the system. Eg If we understand language and how to speak before we understand it’s workings or better, we understand a cake it’s meaning and flavour before we know it’s ingredients. Then how can we truly be objective. Objectivism tries to brake down (analyse) everything to try understand it’s components. First we understand concepts and meaning before the components. A small child knows how to speak before they go to school and understand what the language is made up of.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we are brought up into a world of meanings. Not a world of inanimate objects. Everything first has a meaning to our projects then as an object. You put on a pair of shoes for a party and first their shoes that match the outfit, or there funky. Later are they seen as a foot protection. A hammer is used to make a house not just to hammer in nails.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Another down

Yesterday another one of the boys got married. It was a great wedding held entirely at the Melbourne botanic gardens with a view to the lake. The food was very modern Euro, which is very strange for an Asian guy but nice.
My friends are falling all around me and I'm still living a carefree existence. It makes me wonder what I'm doing. Should I finally let the flag of freedom go? Easier said than done.


Wednesday, November 06, 2002

On Fire

Cup day was fantastic. Sure I had to go to work until 1:30. But after that it just got better and better. Work started easy enough with only a few I.T hiccups. Later in the day we got free lunch and a complimentary full body massages (for those who wanted it) or just the back. I free loaded on as much food as possible (never to miss a free feed) then jumped to the front of the massage queue and got myself a full body (oh baby) massage. I then received $5 free phone credit on my mobile, which was sweet. It didn't stop there though. I left work to meet up with some friends and put some money down for the cup. I eagerly put some cash on Media Puzzle and won $60 woohoo just enough to fill the car up and get a bite to eat.
Talking about places to eat a good friend recommended an Ethiopian restaurant in Footscray called Café Lalibela. What a pleasant little restaurant. My first impressions were this is going to be weird but my impression soon turned to delight and surprise for not coming here sooner. You order your meal on a huge bread covered (sort of like bread more like pancake) plate. Then they just put all the dishes on the plate and you dig in with your hands. It’s fun and most of all delicious. Later on in the night they have some sort of tea ceremony which I missed. In the end though I was even more shocked at the price. We had ordered almost everything on the menu and it still come up well under the Hundred mark.

Monday, November 04, 2002


I'm not going to talk about my weekend. I'm not going to talk about my Darby day experiences or my wine and seafood festival (or slosh fest) attendance. Instead I'm going to talk about how pissed I am at having to work on a public holiday tomorrow ahhrrrrggg. I had it all planned to . Sleep in late (woohoo) get to a friends house about 1pm, have a BBQ and too much beer, and then and then the bloody premier of Victoria announces the election and it's all screwed up. Double pay is not worth a day with friends and beer.