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Monday, January 14, 2002

Religious Ranting’s

Ok then back to full swing blog writing.

Today I'm going to go very basically into the assumptions of some religions. See all belief systems of the word have assumptions, which make them what they are, and of corse they believe are right. They all believe that they can understand what I like to think is totally incomprehensible. We have systems upon systems thinking they can use tools that are only available to us here and now to know what there is after death, where these tools no longer exist. For example the Buddhist or Christian beliefs have complex after death worlds set up with rules and physical understanding set up on them.
Tell me this how can one understand a world they 1 cannot comprehend. 2 if they exist we have nothing in terms of physical attributes to use there. They have nothing on this earth to compare it to. It's as far as we can say a seising to exist in this world and anything in it.
I believe using words to describe such a place totally corrupts the place itself. Just writing about it makes the place void since all my words are based in this world. Even thought itself is a function of this world as far as we are concerned.

So what can you do? I can’t really say without starting a new religion. Anything I say will be totally useless in describing what I cannot.

What I will say is that we have so many abilities as humans. Finding out what these abilities are and how far the mind can go is I believe a more useful use of ones time.

Thursday, January 03, 2002

Shocking Awakenings

Removed for the moment. :)