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Thursday, January 30, 2003

What the CSIRO

Well the CSIROhas come up with some sick information for the predominantly sedentary fatso Australian population. Eat more protein and less carbs. I guess they had no other choice in the face of this epidemic. But any active person knows it’s not the answer. Then again if they were active they probably wouldn’t be overweight.

Sick of making your own complaint letters just got to Scotts automatic complaint letter generator

Bush a carrot (by Charles Siefe)

How George W Bush is a carrot mathematically.

Let a and b each be equal to 1. Since a and b are equal.


Since a equals itself, it is obvious that


Subtract equation 1 from equation 2. This shows


We can factor both sides of the equation; a2 - ab equals a(a-b). Likewise, a2- b2 equals (a+b)(a-b). Nothing strange going on here. This statement is perfectly true. Substituting into equation 3, we get


Now divide both sides of the equation by (a-b) and we get


Subtract a from both sides and we get


But we set b to 1 at the beginning of this proof, so this means


This is an important result. We know that Bush has one head. But one equals zero by equation 7, so that means that Bush has no head. Likewise, Bush has zero leafy tops, therefore he has one leafy top. Multiplying equation 7 and 2 we see that.


Bush has two legs, therefore he has no legs. Bush has two arms, therefore he has no arms. Now multiply equation 7 by Bush’s waist size in inches. Which means

(Bush’s waist size)=0

This means that Bush’s tapers to a point. What colour is Bush? Take any beam of light that comes from him and select a photon. Multiply equation 7 by the wavelength and we see that

(Bush’s photon wavelength)=0

But multiplying equation 7 by 640 nanometers, we see that


Combining equation 10 and 11 we see that

(Bush’s photon wavelength)=640 nanometres

This means that his photon – or any other photon that comes from Bush is orange. That means his a bright shade of orange.
Summing up, we have proved, mathematically, that Bush has no arms not legs and instead of a head, he has a leafy top; he tapers to a point; and he is bright orange. Clearly Bush is a carrot.
There is a simpler way to prove this. Adding 1 to both sides of equation 7 gives the equation


Bush and a carrot are two different things, therefore they are one thing. But that’s not nearly as satisfying. What is wrong with this proof? There is only one step this is flawed, and that is the one where we go from equation 4 to equation 5. We divide by a – b. But look out. Since a and b are both equal to 1, a- b =1 –1 = 0. We have divided by zero, and we get the ridiculous statement that 1=0, From there we can prove any statement in the universe, whether it is true or false. The whole framework of mathematics has exploded. Zero can disrupt and destroy logic.


Clear Dream

Wake up early just to fall back to sleep and have a nasty clear dream. You know the ones that barely bother to hide what they mean in the imagery and symbology. Due to some major distractions my blog has gone to shit. I hope the next entries will be a little step on the way to recovery.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Elvis style eating

I was reading a story on the average energy intake in calories that Elvis ate per day. He ate on average 100,000 calories per day!! That’s enough calories to keep an average person going for about 60 days. Energy in, energy out. You could be doing all sorts of exercises and it won't matter in this case. People think because they go for a jog everyday or they go to the gym 3 times a week this will solve their problems. If you don’t change the input there is not going to be much of an overall change.

Thursday, January 23, 2003


Don’t you hate it when you discover you’re being used? Thing is does the users know that I know about it? Do I care? Is it the only way the user and usee can see each other. Aren’t all friendships just people using each other in one form or another? I think they are. Thing is what do you do when the balance is shifted towards being used more than equal use and be used? Hmm I think I’ll stick to my favourite letting it slide until I just tell her to “get bent!!”

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Fashion and body

Fashion and the common body shape have always gone in opposite directions. Today I see shirts in the stores that are designed with the stomach cut specifically tight around the body. Models are ridiculously skinny, the kind of skinny that is impossible to achieve without physiological damage and even death. Is that what the attraction is? The more impossible the body the more we want to show it to the public. It’s a freak show. Problem is like all freak shows, freaks are unique, rare. Now millions of girls and guys want to be freaks to. It’s impossible. In the 20’s and for countless years before that, fat women where seen as beautiful. Was this because being fat was just as difficult in these times as being thin is today?

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Ignobel prizes

Unlikeliness, obviousness and blatancy is the what the ignobel prizes are about. Last year’s physics award was for demonstrating that beer froth obeys the mathematical Law of Exponential Decay or the biology prize went to Courtship Behaviour of Ostriches Towards Humans Under Farming Conditions in Britain. A great read.

Monday, January 20, 2003

Jerry’s Milk Bar
A very pleasant little milk bar\ café in Elwood 345 Barkly Street. Great coffee, and even better customer service. So if you’re in for a bag full of lollies or a strong coffee it’s the place to go.

Coffee tip #1 (from the flatwhite magazine issue #2)
Keep in mind; it’s not usually the coffee but the maker. (damn straight!)

Friday, January 17, 2003

Beer Talk

After last nights alcohol binge drinking nothing but Pilsner style beer. I though a link to would be of use.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003


Since electrical transmission of energy is a process much more economical than any other we know of, it necessarily must play an important part in the future, no matter how the primary energy is derived from the sun. Of all ways the utilization of a waterfall seems to be the simplest and least wasteful…(it) implies no consumption of any material whatever. Nicola Tesla

This was just before the construction of the Niagara Falls hydroelectric plant. Tesla was a genius and the discoverer of alternating current. Although he neglected the ecological impact of the plant he was aware of using alternate power sources. He understood the fact that earth itself produces enough power naturally and cleanly to supply us all with energy. From hydropower, geothermal power, solar and even electromagnetic power from the earths rotation. Yet we contaminate ourselves with primitive limited fossil fuels all in the name of money.

Monday, January 13, 2003


I was discussing with a friend our need to purchase items out the limits of our means to quell depression.
Is depression made up of a wall of rationalisation spaning years? If you don’t feed it with possessions, money etcetera it starts to crack, showing you glimpses of your real self. This naked image of yourself is processed into depression. How can we be prepared for such a sight? Me without my sheath. Without my masks. It’s a terrifying thought. I’m finding though as the years go, it has more of an impact on me. I see him now and again and it just kills.

Thursday, January 09, 2003


I would really enjoy going to a bar, Café or anywhere where there is a group of people, and have the ability to get more information about them. Just a short description of who they are and what there interests are. It could be as simple as your mobile phone broadcasting to other mobiles in the local area. Or more elaborate systems such as laptops or PDA’s where you could enter your details be they true or false. The details could indicate if your interested in chatting with people. If you want to be sms’ed etc etc.


William Gibson has a site. Just started looking at it so can't give it a yay or nay opinion.

Monday, January 06, 2003

Global Consciousness

I tried to write this in Boustrophedon just for fun. But the word processors of today make it so damn difficult.

Jung was on to something when he discovered the collective subconscious through the study of schizophrenic patients. Theory: Maybe this was the beginning of the discovery of the “global Consciousness” Our brain may be designed to not only be part of the consciousness but also to use it in our day to day life. As the planets population increases and evolves does this mean the complexity of the consciousness also increases and allows more advanced technology to emerge. The interesting questions would be what is the function of the process? How do they connect which each other. There could be certain neurons call them “active neurons” that are designed to be part of this connected system. These neurons could bring information down to our own storage area if you will for processing in our own minds.
Could this be why it’s so difficult to know what it is? Do we need to take a global approach to the question of what is consciousness?