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Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Probably the best source site I have found on transhumanism. Anders Transhuman Page breaks the subject up into five spheres or areas of inquiry plus an introduction.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Street Art (simplistic view, unfinished)

Is street art an indication of freedom. Freedom to express and to think outside the so called norm? Is a city devoid of street art an indication of a government-repressed people?
Is it just vandalism of public property? If public property belongs to the "public" then it should be able to be decorated or changed however we see fit. Right? I mean if someone decides to take ownership of said property it no longer is publicly owned.

Monday, February 02, 2004

World Change is out of our hands (Theory + brainstorm)

Some thoughts.

Global political and environmental change is an emergent process. We are but unwitting participants.

Note: Does this make our efforts any less important? I believe it does not. It is our decisions on small scales that are part of the overall scheme. We are all partaking in it if you know it or not. Not doing is actually doing in the long term.

Being an emergent system means that most of these changes will be unconscious of the group and also mainly long term, some way beyond our lifetimes.

Many of these systems are now bearing fruit in a sense. Some began hundreds and thousands of years in the past. Many began just decades ago. Each one of them interacts with the others. They seem to conflict with each other in the short term but when looked at in the long term they are seamless.

Could I just be adding emergence to the structuralist system of analyses?
Does this mean we have no control over major changes?
Does it exist?
How many of these systems can we perceive if any?