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Friday, June 27, 2003

PDS Part 2 + -

PDS’s and propaganda can flow through the PDS network like an electrochemical storm in the brain. Epileptic waves of true or false information can span kilometers in minutes depending on density. Someone giving away free cans of Pepsi could spread out in all directions making people aware and bringing them to the source. You could inadvertently become a carrier of these PDS viruses and help it along. Companies could plant PDS’s all around town advertising all sorts of crap.
On the up side myths could be created around great PDS story writers e.g. Mr. Meme. Where will Mr. Meme be today. Where was he spotted last. Maybe a list of his supposed favorite hangouts. Trawlers of information could be seen driving around gathering research on the latest opinions and trends on the street. Street magazines could be distributed via PDS rather than printing them on wasteful paper. Zones could develop where you will find certain types of minds e.g. you could have a tech zone and an art zone.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Hiding behind a Bush

With a smile I read that the EU rejects the importation of genetically modified food into Europe. President Bush as always fabricates lies about Europe causing famine in Africa by banning GM foods entering Europe. One of the statistics that Bush fails to include is that Europe sends more aid to Africa yearly than the US ever has or will. Also the European nations do not advise Africa on its policies of using GM foods. It seems (I hope) that Africa bans GM foods because they like the Europeans know it's not fit for animal much less human consumption.
It’s about “long” term scientific research on the effects GM foods have on humans. There is none! It has similarities to Bush’s false accusations of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Bad research. Bad results.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The Personalizer or personal data store (PDS) for short

What is it? It’s a small blue tooth device that keeps a small portion of information about you e.g. who you are (be it true or not), your hobbies or anything you like! It looks a lot like a mobile phone except you don’t have to pay any ongoing charges for services. It’s free. Being blue tooth means it only works in a small area so forget taking this puppy to the country (unless at a geek convention). “What the hell is it for?” I hear you saying. Well anything really. I like to think it could be used in a café. But you can use it on the train or street just as well. It’s a walking “blog” machine without the net, cost or complexity. I just like to walk around the city with it to see what comes up. Find out about a strangers day or a recipe for gnocchi who knows. Of course you can save the w-minds you find on your PC if so inclined. I like to call them w-minds, its short for wondering minds. Oh and the learning curve? These things are so easy to use you could have grown up under a rock in the 30’s and still know how to use one.
So where can you get one of these PDS units? They come in all manner of shapes and colours to suite your style. Actually nowhere! They don’t exist. It’s just an idea I had for a portable and free (besides initial unit cost) blog machine. I hope someone makes one for me; it will make my morning train trip to work so much more fun.

Monday, June 23, 2003


I have found that when you put all concentration on only a few ideas that you are having you are boring to others. You sacrifice all and invest your full concentration on idea creation and evolving those ideas that are created to the detriment off all else. What to do I think to myself? I could possibly go into hiding until this phase has ended or to release some of my concentration for the sake of sociability?

Monday, June 16, 2003

Religion is like a smoke filled room.
Reason is an open window.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Heart rate
Damn I haven't done exercise for weeks. Now that I'm back at the gym my heart rate still hasn't dropped sufficiently enough after my first session for me to keep training and make it of any use. Oh well I guess flexibility training it is for me tonight.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Finally it has bloomed
A superiority complex was always going to become an inevitable personality trait for some of the people I know. Even though I knew it was coming and I’ve been fervently preparing for it for some time, it still makes me sad to actually see it. To see it come to flower so rapidly, so smoothly and unavoidably. Even sadder is when you put a few of these complexes together. Wow that’s a deplorable beast to behold. In conclusion. What I’m saying is that a superiority complex begins and ends in the mind. It has no basis in reality.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

For the local community, give them their body back from the charge of disuse.