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Monday, October 22, 2001

The mythical landscape

In myth the landscape where the stories takes place has been of interest for me for some time. Where is this place? Is it pure imagination or an actual real place?

I believe that the place itself is based on a real landscape that has gone through a myth creating process. This landscape would have been the local area of the people in any area in the world. So if you’re a sea going people the stories will create themselves around this. The heroes will be swimmers or ocean creatures. Another example could be a bridge in your town that may lead out of the city or a great tree or a large rock. All these are valid examples of what gets magnified in the Mythscape.

The myth-making mind then takes these locations or landmarks and modifies them for the core archetypal stories, which take place in the scape.

So how did I come up with this stuff?

I live on the West Side of Melbourne and since a young age I have imagined, dreamed and thought (not sure which one it is) about a place. This place is similar in all ways to my local area. The homes are all stylised bigger/smaller brighter. Lighting is a constant twilight red/pink sky. What I found was that important location’s to me and many people in the area are magnified to become special zones. These special zones are places that made a difference in my life eg. Primary School a church (which is fading) friends home’s, shops and landmarks. Here my life’s stories take place.

What I want to know is what happens when I leave this place? Will it change will I mythasize the streets, bridges and highways back to my place of childhood.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Something alittle diff this time. I always laugh when people say to me computers are going to take over the world.
Thing is as a human with wants, greed, fear and all sorts of emotions and nerochemicals that make me react in all maner of ways. I can easily become corrupted and want to take over the world.
Now lets talk about pc We make them we tell them what to do and when to stop. They don't have any wants they don't have any greed. How could a machine want to take over the world if it's doning everything it wants and knows. I don't know I'm no programmer but thats what I think.

Today I'm going to rave about health and fitness which is one of my favorite subjects. The funny thing is I'm not a big person In fact you could call me underweight. Anyway I have been trying to come up with a phylosophy of health of sorts.
How to incorporate life into fitness. Making them one system of working to achieve your goal in fitness and health. I have found through my search of fitness that the way we see fitness and how to achieve goals in it is what stops us from achieving our goals. It has to be easy, but not too easy. It has to be fulfilling and change your view and image on life around you. It has be make you better and you have to be able to see that.

So what have I come up with??

Image here (when I learn how to put it on this site)

Zones of Health

Zone 1= Diet zone. This is undoubtable the most important zone of all. As the saying goes “you are what you eat” A healthy diet is the bases for good health.
Zone 2= Cardio zone. Also like diet it’s very important, Hence the circle around the whole body. Unlike the upper and lower body fitness, Cardio and diet effects all the body. Your energy levels endurance and overall wellbeing is predominantly based on the above two zones.
Zone 3= Upper body. Back, shoulders, triceps, biceps and abs
Zone 4= Lower body. Biceps, Hamies, calves and abs

This is the begining the Diet tips and recepies are comming soon.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001


It probably sounds dumb but here goes.

If all you can see is pears. That is all you can see or eat. What if I put an apple in your hand, what will you see?

1) Will you see an pear
2) Will you see an apple
3) Will you see nothing at all

I happen to think you'll see nothing at all. The weird thing is you'll probably will not even see the world itself since all you see is pears.

Friday, October 05, 2001

So what am I up to today. Well I wanted to see if it was possible to update mythology using modern technology and language.
Bird could be Plane
Horse= Car
Sword= Gun
and so on. Anyway it's not working to well. Hehehe I should have a converted form of one of the stories for this site in a few days.woohooo